Amcrest 960H Video Security System Review

Amcrest 960H Video Security System Four 800+TVL Weatherproof Cameras

Amcrest manufactures some of the best security cameras you can buy. The 960H video security system comes with all of the components you need to have a lot of coverage.

This systems works indoors or outdoors. A DVR keeps everything together in one place. All you need to supply is the monitor on which you watch what’s happening.

Amcrest creates an easy-to-install system that works within your home or business. The idea is to keep your property safe by deterring intruders. Four cameras create a wide coverage area from any angle. Find the spot you want to view and connect the wires to the DVR. Then you start watching video in real-time.

Night Vision

Each camera has 24 infrared sensors that create night vision up to 65 feet away. Combine this feature with motion detection capabilities, and you have a top-notch system. These cameras keep track of the important things that happen on your property.

The camera’s sturdy construction protects it from the elements outdoors. That way, your feed remains constant even with blowing wind, cold night-time temperatures and driving rain. The viewing angle is 75 degrees, which covers a lot of territory from one corner.


The system comes with 500 GB of memory thanks to a hard drive on the DVR. Upgrade that memory to 3 TB if you want even more storage capacity. At the highest resolution and with continuous video, you get approximately six days of memory storage in the DVR.

Amcrest can achieve 30 days or more of storage capacity if you reduce the resolution of the images. Consider using motion detection instead of continuous video. This security camera system gives you complete control over how and when you receive video feeds.

Remote Viewing

Encrypted signals through the internet allow you to view your video feeds anytime and anywhere. Just download Amcrest’s app to your mobile device. This lets you see what’s going on with your home or property while you’re on vacation, out shopping, at work or out with friends.

Everything happens this way thanks to the secure DVR that connects all of the cameras into one central hub.


Amcrest warranties this system for one year. If your system stops working due to a factory defect, Amcrest promptly replaces the defective materials as soon as possible. You also get continuous customer support with your purchase for as long as you own your surveillance system.

If you find a snafu with your system, contact Amcrest immediately. You get peace of mind from the actual cameras themselves. However, you also recognize that a well-known company backs up its products.

Easy Interface

The interface on the monitor is easy to control thanks to the mouse that comes with the DVR. Point and click to each icon on the screen to activate motion detection.

You can also listen to audio or search through previous video. Because of the intuitive controls, you can find the exact date and time of a piece of video for you to review.

Designate whether you’re looking for a continuous video feed or a motion-activated one. Much like a DVR for recording television shows, you can rewind, fast forward, pause and watch in slow motion.

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  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with everything except the monitor
  • View on your smartphone
  • Price


  • Not wireless
  • Need extra tools to run wires through walls


Q: How easy is it to watch video feeds on mobile devices?

A: The app is very easy to install. Once you do, just scan the code on the DVR to start watching on your Android or Apple device.

Q: How many cables do you need for power and video transmission?

A: Each camera has one cable with two connections. One connection is for video and the other is for power.

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Final verdict

Amcrest is one of the best video surveillance companies in the business. You get an affordable security system for your home or business. Its 960H system is one of the best security cameras you can purchase. You get reliability, sturdy construction and great image quality.

The night vision at 65 feet is a huge plus. That works especially well for property owners seeking to deter intruders when everyone is asleep or off the premises.

For your investment, Amcrest is well worth it. You receive a one-year warranty and unlimited customer service. Along with that, you buy a high-quality system that comes through under any outdoor weather conditions.

You can also put these cameras indoors to keep an eye on your baby, the front door, children’s rooms or the garage. This system is perfect for homeowners and businesses.

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