TriVision NC-336PW HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera Review

TriVision NC-336PW HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera


TriVision’s NC-336PW HD 1080p wireless outdoor home security camera delivers amazing, high-resolution images. View these on your home computer or mobile device within minutes.

Just plug and play and you have images streaming to your devices. View on your home computer, smartphone or tablet device.

If you don’t want a wireless camera, this surveillance system is capable of running on a Ethernet cable. This lowers your camera’s power consumption. This camera has night vision up to 50 feet. It has enough resolution to show license plates and faces clearly at 30 feet.

This surveillance system works perfectly if you want to monitor a few portions of your outdoor space at home or at your business.


The best part of this security camera is the wireless capability. Install the camera within range of a Wi-Fi router and you can view images anytime and anywhere. This happens in minutes with the three-step installation. The antenna on the camera picks up the wireless signal easily.

It also works with wireless range extenders in your house or place of business. Watch the action in your web browser on a Windows or Macintosh computer. Once you install the system this way, take it one step further and download the app to your mobile device.

Rugged Construction

The outside of the camera contains rust-proof metal. Independent testing rates each camera as dust-proof and waterproof. The camera records through wind, rain, snow and heat. It produces continuous, reliable images for the life of the camera.


TriVision’s camera delivers high-quality, 1080p HD images through motion detection or a continuous feed. You control how much video you want to download to the microSD memory card.

The memory card saves up to 128 GB of memory at one time. You can play back images remotely or download them to a computer. Use several programming protocols, including FTP, Dropbox, ONVIF NVR and NAS.


An AC power adapter or batteries provides power. The camera runs on 12 volts. With battery installation, keep in mind that the camera consumes more power on continuous video with high resolutions.

Save your battery for longer usage by downgrading the resolution and keeping your camera on motion detection only. Otherwise, you might have to replace batteries every couple of weeks. Regardless, batteries allow you to put cameras in remote locations far away from your building.

Software Updates

TriVision helps its customers by producing software and firmware updates. These updates improve the user friendliness of the camera. Previous updates enhances how you control the image brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness and all other aspects of viewing.

Just go into the Image Setup portion of the menu and alter how you want the camera to record images to the memory. It’s all part of TriVision’s commitment to customers.

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  • Wireless
  • Heavy-duty
  • Long-range
  • Image quality


  • Lack of memory
  • Batteries need replacing quickly on higher-quality settings


Q: How do you view this camera on an iPhone?

A: Just download the Anyscene app, input the UID password on the camera, and you’re good to go on an iPhone.

Q: How does this camera affect your Wi-Fi?

A: If the camera is recording, it may use a hefty portion of your Wi-Fi bandwidth. 

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Final verdict

TriVision has a good camera if you want a simple system with just one camera. Add additional cameras to your home or business, so long as you view them through your computer’s web browser. Wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities means you can place this camera anywhere on your property thanks to battery power.

Mount the camera on a fence, a tall pole, at the entrance to your property, in a garden or along a border. So long as the camera connects to a wireless port and it has a battery, you can get high-quality images.

Download images through several means and save them on a computer. That is both an upside and a downside. There’s no DVR to save several days’ worth of images.

However, you can view your live stream on a computer and save images through other types of programs. Talk to customer service and tech support to find out what to do.

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