Zmodo WiFi Wireless Smart Security Camera Review


zmodo-wifi-wireless-smart-security-cameraZmodo makes a similar wireless camera system to the Amcrest wireless camera described above, only you get two cameras instead of one for about the same price. Connect with your Wi-Fi you already have within your home.

This system allows you to view the cameras on your computer or through a smartphone app. Unlike the Amcrest cameras, these models can mount against the wall.

Each camera has  a 115-degree field of vision. That means you don’t have to tilt, pan or scan to see everything in a room. With two cameras, you can see pretty much everything in room.

HD Quality

Images come to your monitor in 720p HD quality. You get to see everything in living color, without any grainy images and without any need to figure out what you see on the monitor.

The images come in sharp every time. The video streams live to your computer or smartphone so you can stay in touch with the situation at any moment.

Two-Way Audio

Much like the Amcrest system, use the two-way audio feature to communicate with someone in the room. This is the perfect system for a baby monitor, keeping tabs on your pet while at work or talking to young children in the other room.

You can even talk to a babysitter and give them instructions. The microphone in each camera lets the person talk back to you instantly.

Receive Alerts

When these cameras detect motion, you get an alert on your smartphone. Once that happens, switch to livestreaming mode to keep an eye on the situation.

Just turn on the Zmodo app on your mobile device and see whether your pet is misbehaving, your baby woke up or if an intruder is in your house. This all happens within moments, and you never miss a thing.

Wireless Connectivity

These cameras connect to your computer and smartphone wirelessly. Installation is a snap because you just need to put the cameras near a power source. Just make sure it detects a strong wireless signal within your home.

The stronger the signal, the better your camera can deliver HD-quality images. Wireless connectivity means you have endless choices as to the location of the cameras within your home.


These cameras fit in small spaces. It’s perfect for a tight corner to give you a view of entire room. Set the camera on a table or countertop so you can take a look at other entrances to the area.

The stand lets you position the camera upright on a table or looking downward from a wall, depending on your preferences and needs.

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  • Wireless connectivity
  • Small size
  • Easy installation
  • Two-way audio


  • No zoom or pan
  • Indoor use only
  • Lack of updates to newer computer operating systems


Q: What kind of customer service comes with these cameras?

A: You get Zmodo’s live chat function on the company’s app for when you have issues pertaining the cameras. You can also contact customer service through email and phone.

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Final verdict

These small cameras work well in a pinch. Unfortunately, the hardware and software in the Zmodo models are a bit out of date. You can get better picture quality and better features for the same price from other manufacturers.

One reason is that Microsoft doesn’t update the operating system used for these cameras any more. Zmodo is a good company for home security systems, but it’s not the only thing Zmodo makes.

In terms of these internet-connected cameras, Zmodo has other models that are better than these. Perhaps there’s a reason this two-camera system is on sale for half off through Amazon.

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