Amcrest ProHD WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera Review


Amcrest comes through again with its ProHD 1080P Wi-Fi wireless security camera. The other Amcrest model captures 720p images. This one handles 1080p, which is better resolution and image quality than the other Amcrest camera in this review.

Unlike the other Amcrest camera, this one has a more efficient way to move the camera view. The round shape connects to the base on opposite sides. This design lets the camera move up, down, left and right to cover any angle you need.

Easy Installation

Take the camera out of its packaging, plug it into a power source and then download the Amcrest app to your smartphone. Scan the code on the bottom and you’ve got HD images on your smartphone within minutes of receiving this camera. The only wire is the 10-foot power cord, which allows you to put this camera just about anywhere within your house.

Two-Way Audio

The speaker on the back amplifies your voice to whoever is in the room. A microphone on the side transmits any sounds from the room to your recording device, whether you watch on a computer, with your phone or on a tablet.

Soothe your baby back to sleep, talk to your kids after getting home from school or talk to your pet while you’re away from home.

Night Vision

This indoor camera sees in the dark up to 32 feet away. That means this model works for any room in your house during the day or at night. Monitor your pet’s activities or know when an intruder comes in your house with the motion detection option that alerts you when something moves.


This camera comes with four free hours of storage in a cloud-based system. You can upgrade to higher levels of storage, or use a lesser image quality in the camera to save on your data storage needs.

Streaming video records at 30 frames per second, which is better than traditional movies at 24 frames per second.

Customer Service

Amcrest offers a one-year warranty from factory defects and unlimited customer service support for as long as you own your camera.

You get peace of mind from knowing that your security system should last a long time without any problems. If there are problems, Amcrest takes care of you in a pinch.

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  • Easy to install in minutes
  • Pans and tilts for any view of a room
  • Night vision


  • Indoor only
  • Just four hours of storage available


Q: Are there other storage options?

A: Insert a microSD card in the camera to save more data. The microSD card is not included.

Q: What recording options are there?

A: You can set the camera to a lower quality recording. You can also record continuous video or just record when something trips the camera’s motion sensor.

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Final verdict

Much like the other Amcrest camera, this is a decent buy. Either of the Amcrest cameras are the best options among these five home security cameras reviewed today if you want to record indoors.

For outdoor recording, the Arlo system works indoors and outdoors. Amcrest and Arlo are relative bargains for the investment as long as you take care of the cameras properly. The Amcrest cameras work very well when you want to keep an eye on your baby or pets when you’re not in the room.

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