Annke 8-Channel 1080P Lite Video Security System Review

Annke 8-Channel 1080P Lite Video Security System

Annke has a great video camera with its 1080p Lite video security system. Connect up to eight cameras onto one DVR with the power and video cord. These cameras fit into the palm of your hand, so they nestle into just about any corner of your house.

These cameras are weatherproof. They offer a way to view the outdoor spaces of your home or business as well.Annke’s intuitive system lets you search for video images taken at certain times. These cameras also download images to a smartphone or mobile app.

If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can tap into this security system and see what’s going on in real time. There are plenty of great features with this basic security system.

Night Vision

Infrared sensors give you a night vision range of up to 66 feet. The night time images are in 720p resolution.

This allows you to see what’s going on with clear pictures. At 66 feet, you can see anything happening in a room in your house at night. View anything from your front porch to the street or from the back patio to your rear fence line.

Remote Viewing

The peer-to-peer (P2P) viewing capability brings real-time video to your smartphone, tablet computer or Windows-based computer.

In just a few simple steps, bring up images on your computer screen in 720p HD quality. Set up the smartphone mode with the app on Android or iPhone devices.


Playback mode allows you to find video images from a certain time in the past. Customize a certain viewing area and viewing time to see what happened during a particular video feed.

Specify certain events, such as when the cameras detect motion or when something comes into view. The videos play back at normal speed.


When your cameras detect motion, the Annke system sends an alert to your smartphone and shows you what’s happening. If there’s an issue on your property, you can take immediate action based on what you see.

This adds another element of security to your home so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be aware of anything that happens.

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  • Easy to use once you set up
  • DVR provides memory storage
  • Comes with four cameras in one package
  • Cameras are small


  • Must install wires through walls
  • Lack of compatibility with Macintosh computers


Q: What’s the range of the camera during the day?

A: One customer says he can see his neighbor’s house across the street quite easily.

Q: What kinds of cords come with the camera system?

A: It’s one cord with two plugs. One plug is for the video, while the other is for the power.

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Final verdict:

Annke, like Amcrest, is another vaunted brand of home security systems. These cameras are lightweight and fit anywhere. Once you get the system going, it’s easy to see images and maintain. Set your video recording options to whatever you want. Decide on continuous playback or motion detection only.

The high-quality images pick up activity from up close and far away. Just set up the camera view for how you want it and then the rest is up to remote viewing from a computer or smartphone.

When you set up each camera, make sure you have the view you want before installing the camera permanently into a wall. You’ll need extra tools for installation. However, your safety and security are well worth it once you run cords through the walls.

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