Arlo Smart Home – 1 HD Camera Security System Review


Arlo’s Smart Home camera security system works indoors and outdoors. This single camera installs easily in just minutes. All of the hardware you need comes with the camera, including a wireless server that lets you receive the camera’s signal. All you do is mount the camera where you want it, turn on the router and set up from there.

You have to supply the computer monitor, television or laptop. These cameras are truly wireless because they run on batteries rather than plugging into a power source. You literally put the camera on a wall, set up the router and you can have HD images on a screen in just minutes.

Easy Installation

Determine where you want the camera, indoors or outdoors. Input the batteries, pair the camera with the supplied router and you can start watching live streamed video soon after getting the Arlo camera out of the package. Batteries come with the device, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them right away.

Indoors or Outdoors

This camera has a weatherproof casing so it can hang from your front porch or in your backyard. Put in the garage to see when people come home from work or when your kids come home from school.

Put along the wall of your living room with a view of the front door to monitor any possible intruders. Place the camera in your nursery to keep an eye on your baby.

Night Vision

This camera contains a sensor that activates the infrared vision at night. This gives you HD-quality images when it’s dark and there are no visible light sources. Set the camera to detect motion so it only begins recording when something happens within the camera’s field of view.

Remote Viewing

Download the Arlo app to your smartphone or mobile device. That way, you can monitor your live streaming camera from any location at any time. Set up alerts when a camera detects motion.

With that in place, you don’t have to keep monitoring the cameras all of the time. You choose when and how you want to view your home surveillance system.

Data Storage

With your purchase, you get data storage for up to five cameras and seven days. If you buy more than five cameras or want more than seven days of cloud-based video storage, you need to purchase an upgrade.

If you have a lot of places to view, such as at an office building, additional cameras come in handy. You might consider more cameras if you have a large house.

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  • Very easy setup
  • Wireless
  • Indoor and outdoor


  • Short battery life
  • Lack of panning


Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: That depends on how you use the cameras. If you want live streaming HD all of the time, the batteries may last only five or six days. With a motion detection system and lesser-quality images, your batteries can last for months.

Q: What is the viewing range of this camera?

A: In daylight, the camera easily sees up to 50 feet.

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Final verdict

This is a good surveillance system in terms of quality and scalability. When you buy one, you can add more later. The images are good during the day, and you can see things at night. Make sure you put your video imaging on the right settings.

A continuous feed drains the batteries very quickly. If you’re home a lot, consider keeping this camera on the motion detection mode rather than continual video. The durable plastic casing keeps this camera weatherproof.

The ease of installation is a huge plus. There are no wires, but you do have to change the batteries every once in awhile. Therefore, you should keep these cameras in a place where you can reach them easily with a ladder.

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